The scope available to our clients is complete and comprehensive for Marinas and Boat Dealers. Marine Insurance represents the top A+ rated carriers in the industry.

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Martial Arts

Martial arts insurance or coverage on any other discipline is typically part of a well-conceived business insurance policy. Some companies have a great deal of experience writing martial arts liability insurance policies and others may not.

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Miniature Golf

The best protection for yourself and your miniature golf course is to have both Accident and General Liability insurance with sufficient limits for proper coverage in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit.

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Movie Theaters

Every type of business, whether you are working with large corporations or small time artists, has a need for liability insurance. This type of insurance will make certain that you are protected, as are the spaces where you do your work.

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A museum insurance policy from Simply Business starts with public liability insurance, which can cover you if a member of the public, such as a visitor or a supplier, makes a claim against you for injury or damage.

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Race Tracks

Most policies have language exempting coverage for damages if said damage happens “inside a facility designated for racing.” Regardless of whether you happen to be racing at the time, your insurer will do everything in their power to deny a related claim.

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To date, Skyscraper insurance has placed insurance for thousands of hospitality, entertainment & leisure professionals and facilities across the country. While the insurance needs for each type of professional or facility can vary, Skyscraper insurance offers customized insurance products and consulting services that are tailored to meet such demands. We understand the unique exposures and challenges that many Sports, Hospitality, Entertainment and Leisure risks face. We also look to understand our customers’ business objectives, current financial climate and coverage requirements while we effectively manage our clients’ exposures and mitigate their risk potential.

Our programs combine outstanding service, coverage and pricing to lower costs for owners and improve their overall insurance program. We have the resources, underwriter expertise and risk management solutions to insure that your business or organization has a comprehensive solution designed specifically for your industry exposures. Our services minimize administrative burdens on business owners, allowing you to focus your energy on the business and your bottom line!

Skyscraper insurance has provided customized solutions that are customized to meet the special needs of:

Motion Picture/Television Production and Distribution – production studios, production companies, production equipment’s suppliers
Sports – professional and amateur teams, sports organisation and athletes
Media – radio/TV broadcasters and publishing including prints and advertising
Venues – convention centers, stadiums, arenas and amphitheaters, movies halls
Gaming – land and water-based casinos, horse/dog tracks
Hospitality – hotel owners, national and international hotel management companies, resort properties, cruise ships
Leisure – promoters, destination resort, amusement/theme parks.

While every policy and event are different, premium pricing for sports and leisure insurance varies (attendance, location and type of sport played are all underwriting criteria’s used to determine the actual premium pricing). For an exact quote please fill out our application. Policies come with commercial general liability of at least $1,000,000. However, higher limits and additional coverage’s are available. Please note each application is separately quoted and priced. Although we do our best to give you the cheapest rate possible, we also want to give you the best policy available. Skyscraper insurance’s team contacts all markets on your behalf to provide the lowest priced sports and leisure insurance premiums and best coverage options.