Concession Stands (Mobile) & Food Trucks

Food truck insurance is a necessity for business owners in the mobile food industry. Most food truck businesses will need more than one type of insurance coverage, including commercial vehicle insurance and general liability.

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Family-Style Restaurants

Are you the owner of a family style restaurants? If you are, and you’re in need of insurance Skyscraper insurance is to help find you affordable Restaurant Insurance.

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Hamburger/Hotdog/Malt Shops

As you have more than one business risk, you also have more than one business insurance policy to choose from. Here are the most important types of malt shop business insurance policies:

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Ice Cream Parlors

Ice cream parlor have a lot of activity in them, particularly during the busy seasons, and this introduces potential risks to your business. You can protect yourself from unexpected events, risks and hazards by carrying the right types and amounts of small business insurance.

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Restaurants, coffee shops and other food service businesses have their fair share of headaches. A lawsuit from a customer who falls on a wet floor shouldn’t be one of them. Neither should spoiled food caused by a failed walk-in refrigerator.

Find the right coverage for your food or beverage business. Start with the basic coverage’s of a business owners policy (BOP), and go from there to get a reliable food insurance policy.

A business owner’s policy bundles general liability insurance with property insurance, usually at a discounted rate. Pricing is determined by your restaurant’s location, operations, and value of business property and equipment. This policy may include business interruption insurance, which covers income lost at your restaurant due to an unexpected closure.

We have experience insuring a wide variety of restaurants, and we will work with you in order to design the right coverage plan to fit your needs. No two restaurants are exactly the same. While each package will vary based on your individual situation, our restaurant insurance package can include many different types of policy options, such as coverage for:

Food Spoilage
Equipment Breakdown
Liquor Liability
Blanket Additional Insured for Catering Services
And much more!