Public Entities & Social Services

Tutoring Centers

You may feel that you are already fully protected by your general business insurance policy. But your business is unique and you need a tutoring center insurance policy that protects you from its unique risks.

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Vocational Schools

General liability protects you if a student, visitor or other customer is subjected to property damages and loss while on your campus as well. If a hoist falls and breaks a student’s computer, general liability pays for the replacement.

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Child Daycare Centers

Daycare insurance can include a wide range of risk exposures and respective coverage types. This means that there are important choices that business owners will need to make to get the best coverage for their needs.

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Churches/Houses of Worship

Church insurance is available to religious institutions and is a specialized package of insurance coverage’s that are specifically designed for houses of worship.

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Fire Departments

When you’re out fighting a fire or responding to an emergency, you need to know that you have the right equipment – from trucks, to communications equipment, to protective gear – and the right insurance program to cover it all.

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Public Entities & Social Services

Skyscraper Insurance Services understands the social services industry and partners with all types of nonprofit clients nationally. Our risk management strategies and solutions maximize your insurance savings, expand your coverages and allow you to spend time on your community and cause.

We understand that your nonprofit organization faces a number of challenges, from risk exposures to limited resources and funds that can negatively impact your bottom line and impair your ability to fulfill the organization’s mission. That’s why we have developed a special, one-of-a-kind approach exclusively for the nonprofit industry.

Skyscraper Insurance Services platform enables you to obtain all of your insurance products and services while maximizing savings and coverage with leading carriers. Your organization also has the flexibility to address its most pressing risk concerns to best fit your budget.