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Child Daycare Centers

Daycare insurance can include a wide range of risk exposures and respective coverage types. This means that there are important choices that business owners will need to make to get the best coverage for their needs.

Skyscraper insurance has been serving and insuring child care facilities. The team at Skyscraper insurance partners with your child care to help assess your needs and provide you with the experienced insurance protection your organization needs.

We help minimize your risk and exposure by customizing a program that includes:

  • A review of your needs, including appraisal of any existing coverage you may have.
  • A range of liability coverage including accidents, incidents, sexual misconduct, childcare professional liability, corporal punishment liability, and other coverage to help fill those gaps.
  • Insuring your property and loss of business income against a broad array of perils.
  • Protecting your vehicles and the employees who drive them.
  • Other support services, like tools to reduce and sometimes eliminate risk including a Free Abuse Training Video, sample policies, procedures and checklist, a Free Crisis Management Tool to help you create your plan with just a few keystrokes and other risk management and cost-saving programs as well.

When it comes to protecting your child care facility, don’t waste time and money working with general insurance agents. Partner with the team at Skyscraper insurance Program today and we will provide a no-cost, no-obligation quote after carefully examining your child care’s insurance needs.

Don’t go any longer without making sure your organization is properly protected.

Daycare insurance, also known as childcare insurance, is designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in the childcare industry, whether the business is operated out of a home or in a service center. The annual cost of daycare insurance ranges from $250 for an in-home childcare business to $2,000 for a larger daycare center.

Every childcare business is unique and therefore has insurance needs requiring coverage specific to the business. What every daycare has in common is that working with children creates the potential for significant risk. If you want clarity on the various types of daycare insurance coverage that your business needs, reach out to the experts at Next Insurance.

Who Needs Daycare Insurance

If you are in the business of caring for children, you will likely need insurance coverage. One slight exception to this general rule is the occasional teenage babysitter. However, even the babysitter can be sued, even if he or she was not negligent. At a minimum, liability coverage is wise for all childcare professionals.

Getting customized insurance for your daycare business can be simple, affordable and tailored. If you want to learn more about your coverage options, the experts at Next Insurance can get you a quote and the insurance you need in minutes. Quotes are free and plans start at $31 per month.