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Leadership Team

the Skyscraper insurance

Leadership team

Skyscraper Insurance, founded by Chaim Berkovic and Joseph Fisch, has built a reputation for providing quality insurance
at affordable prices while offering impeccable customer service.

We are known for fiercely protecting what matters most to our clients.

As a business, we have earned the reputation for being one of the best. Not only because the prices are good and the insurance is customizable to fit client needs, but because we give our clients true peace of mind that their insurance will be there when they need it.

We understand that buying insurance isn’t about the things listed on a policy – a home, a car, a computer, a commercial building – but what those things represent.

Our clients have plans and goals for their lives. Instead of worrying about what might happen, they can move forward with confidence and ease because we are there for them, and we share their vision for a better tomorrow.

Chaim Berkovic

Founder & President

Chaim a visionary in the insurance arena, Chaim Berkovic offers a blend of management, expertise, and pure dedication to insurance excellence. With deep industry insight, he has honed his abilities to identify opportunities in the insurance marketplace to create products, services and startup companies that address market opportunities with a keen focus on high-risk populations which have been historically undeserved.

Chaim is a leader in introducing and applying technology to aid risk management for companies in achieving insurance efficiency and efficacy. With a sharp understanding of the insurance industry, he has founded and established a large number of property, liability, celebrity & professional risk management. Under his leadership, these clients are fully insured and feel secure. Chaim’s focus and passion for the way claims are handled are grounded in experience as a provider of services as well as a payer. His innovative and practical approach to business management is key to his company’s ability to satisfy the complex needs of the insurance market.   

Contact Chaim:

Joseph Fisch

Founder & CEO

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Property & Casualty Insurance. Joseph is a strong entrepreneurship professional with an Insurance Broker focused on Insurance from Pohs Institute of Insurance.  

Joseph Fisch is a community activist with a generous heart to always give back to the community . He also used his professional career skills to help struggling businesses with proper advice & finding correct coverage and payment options to see them get approved on jobs and successfully help them grow into profitable companies. As an active board member of many associations and a great friend as well to the Latin community “Joseph takes minorities and turns them into his priorities”

Contact Joseph:

Meyer Mandel

Director of Risk Management and Agency Education

With over 26 years’ experience as an Independent Agency owner specializing in Business Commercial insurance, Meyer has substantial Risk Management Consulting and Education expertise.

He has consulted with Risk Management solutions for almost every imaginable industry and business type, and delivered impressive results to every client with care and professionalism. For the past few years Mayer has Educated Agents, Agencies and Insurers in both consulting and teaching roles.

Jay Goldstein

Regional sales Director (NJ office)

Jay is a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional in the real estate insurance industry. With a deep understanding of the field, he is driven by ambition to provide his clients with the best possible coverage. Jay is dedicated to cultivating lasting relationships built on loyalty and trust. He goes above and beyond to deliver optimal results, always keeping his clients’ best interests in mind.

To connect with Jay or inquire about his services, please feel free to reach out to him at 212-470-1953 ext.206, or via email at jgoldstein@skyscraperinsurance.com. He is readily available to assist you and provide the expertise you need.

For new business submissions contact us here.

Naomy Fray

Director Of Business Development In Personal Lines & Small Business

Naomy Fray is a dedicated insurance professional with years of experience in property and casualty insurance. Born in Ecuador and currently residing in Florida, Naomy brings a wealth of expertise to her role. As a mother of two daughters, she understands the significance of protecting one’s assets and loved ones. With her extensive knowledge and commitment to providing exceptional service, Naomy is passionate about helping clients navigate the complexities of insurance and secure the coverage they need for peace of mind.

For new business submissions contact us here.

Yakov Breuer

VP of Sales Southeast Division

Yakov is committed to helping his customers not just save money but make sure they are well protected as well.

Experienced Executive Officer at Skyscraper Insurance Services with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Nonprofit Organizations, Property & Casualty Insurance, Sales, and Employment Practices Liability. Strong entrepreneurship a professional in risk management.

Juliana Bauman

Administrative Associate / Client Service Coordinator   

Identifying Untapped Growth Opportunities in Specialty Insurance

As an experienced insurance executive, I’ve seen first-hand how technology and customer expectations are transforming the property and casualty industry .

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