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Workers Compensation & GL Premium Audit Consulting service

Skyscraper Insurance Services has an in house auditing service on Workers Compensation & GL insurance premium audits, classifications and experience modifiers, double-checking technical issues that directly affect the premium charges made by insurers.

When conducting your audit we also make sure to review the following

classification codes, payroll audits, and experience modification factors, with a focus on making sure an employer pays no more in Workers Comp insurance premiums than is properly called for under the rules.Got a Shock Audit? We Are Able To Help We also help work with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll firms CPA, attorneys, who have clients with problems or disputes over Workers Compensation insurance premiums, audits, classification codes, experience modification factors, and other technical rating issues that impact Workers Comp insurance premiums.Insurance companies and rating bureaus such as NCCI can make errors that mean employers pay higher premiums. We find and fix those errors.

We find, fix, and recover overcharges in past & current Workers Compensation insurance premiums paid by employers

GL audits

What contractors & business need to know BEFORE the auditor arrives

Insurance audit. Just these simple words can trigger very negative emotions for a contractor! Workers Compensation and/or General Liability audits.

To begin, both of these policies are based on estimated numbers (employee payroll, uninsured sub payroll, amounts paid to insured subs, gross receipts, etc.) since you don’t know exactly what they will be at the end of the policy term.  Usually you will be contacted by the auditor 30 to 45 days after the expiration of the policies requesting an appointment to meet with you and review your records.

The insurance auditor will want to review the following:

  • W-2s (employee payrolls)
  • 1099s (subcontractor payrolls)
  • Ledger statements
  • Certificates of insurance on your subcontractors
  • Job duties of your employees and subcontractors to make sure that they are properly classified according to insurance rules and regulations

We can take care of the audit for you contact us today!

A general liability insurance audit occurs when an insurance agency examines the payroll records and income statements of a policyholder to determine if that policy represents an accurate rating of the company’s exposure to liability.

A professional auditor, either from the insurance agency or from an independent office, performs the audit and assesses the company’s exposure. The results of the audit do not determine a company’s value or its tax rate, but they establish its level of protection from liability claims.