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Schools and educational institutions face a variety of unique risks that require specialized insurance protection.

Under the Deeds of Trust the State carries its own insurance against fire damage to the buildings of the school and against occupiers’ liability. Teaching and non-teaching staff are indemnified in respect of actions, claims or demands taken or made against them arising out of the discharge of their duties whether in respect of pupils or otherwise.

It is the responsibility of the management of each school to ensure that the school has adequate insurance cover. The school policy should indemnify the school management against risks such as fire and storm damage together with liability to employee, pupils and other persons.

Legal liability in respect of staff is covered under the employer liability policy. Liability in respect of pupils and other persons is covered under the public liability policy. The latter refers to pupils either on the school premises or while engaged in an authorized and supervised ‘away from school’ activity.

Skyscraper insurance has provided Independent Schools with risk management and insurance solutions. Our commitment to the sector has allowed us to innovate and deliver competitive products and services.

Our role as your advocate and broker is to use our understanding of your school insurance needs and school risk profile, to tailor a suite of school insurance policies specifically for you, rather than ‘off the shelf’ contracts.