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Delicatessens and Sandwich Shops

Sandwich shop insurance (also known as deli insurance) is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s uniquely crafted to meet sandwich shops’ insurance needs.

You wake up each day wondering what the day will bring. You know you’ll have customers looking for you to serve their needs. Deliveries piling up, employees to manage, there is a lot on your plate being a small restaurateur. The last thing on your mind might be your insurance needs. But there may be items you may not be covered for. What if someone falls and gets hurt in my establishment?

What if the something I serve makes someone ill? What if someone has an allergic reaction to something they eat? These are just some of the items you need to consider when determining the best insurance policy for your skyscraper insurance. That’s where we come in. We have specialized policies to help cover you in case there is a claim against you. Our knowledgeable agents have experience in knowing the types of situations that may arise and will help give you options to choose from. We have policies that package together a number of insurance types, and may save you money when bundled together.

Some exposures may be are easy to spot; however, others take time and attention. The best possible (cost/coverage), combination for your Bakery or Deli’s property, and casualty insurance needs. An experienced staff, who understands the challenges of running a restaurant and the coverage’s needed to protect your business. Outstanding service geared to deliver results without delay. A customized insurance program to meet your specific assets and exposures, at a price you can afford.

At Skyscraper insurance, we’ve insured sandwich shops and delis. Many sandwich shops are busy and occupied by customers for the majority of the day. Customer walk-ins are great for business but can present many exposures. It’s important that sandwich shops and delis carry enough business insurance to cover the exposure they have on a daily basis.

You could be liable for property damage or bodily injury your business causes to a customer. Customers may slip and fall, get sick, or become a victim of verbal abuse as a result of something you or your employees may have done. Small business owners can experience fires, breakdown of refrigerators/computers, water damage, vandalism, and other losses that are covered under a standard business insurance policy.

Any food service business that mainly serves sandwiches ought to consider getting a sandwich shop policy. This includes sandwich shops, delis, and any other eateries that serve up sandwiches. Regardless of whether they’re called sandwiches, pita pockets, hoagies, subs, po-boys, or grinders, primarily serving sandwiches exposes a business to a common set of risks — and sandwich shop policies are specifically designed to protect a business from many of those risks.

Food trucks and caterers who serve sandwiches might have many similar insurance needs. There are other food truck insurance policies and catering insurance policies available that are more suited for these businesses, though.

The individual coverages included in sandwich shop policies can often be adjusted for a particular shop’s situations, so the exact coverages that policies offer can vary. Nonetheless, there are a number of common coverages that many sandwich shop policies offer as either standard or optional protections:

  • General Liability Coverage, which businesses in many industries use to protect themselves from common risks
  • Building Coverage, which may be necessary if a sandwich shop owns the building it’s in
  • Contents Coverage, which might protect small wares, ovens, storage equipment, cash registers, seats, tables, decorations and other items