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Concession Stands (Mobile) & Food Trucks

Food truck insurance is a necessity for business owners in the mobile food industry. Most food truck businesses will need more than one type of insurance coverage, including commercial vehicle insurance and general liability.

Without concession stand insurance, financial setbacks from a liability claim could force you to close your concession stand or trailer. Don’t let unforeseen events such as customer slip and falls, food poisoning, or stolen equipment ruin your financial future.

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If you own a food truck, insurance has to be a top priority. Why? One recent study showed that 57 percent of all lawsuits against businesses involved small businesses that earned less than $1 million annually. So, it’s not always the big corporations that receive most of the legal heat. The investments you’ve made in your trailer and your business need proper protection that a well-written insurance policy can provide.

What Does Food Truck Insurance Cover?

Your concessionaire insurance should include a range of coverage, including:

  • General liability: This broad based coverage is critical for all businesses, and covers your liability in the event that you or an employee are responsible for damage or injury to a third-party.
  • Product liability: This specific liability insurance covers your liability risks when you serve or sell products.
  • Liquor liability: If you sell alcoholic beverages from your food truck, this coverage will provide liability protection for claims resulting from an accident, illness or injury related to alcohol use.
  • Business property: Covers your concession cart, truck or trailer, your equipment and product inventory. If you have a food service trailer, depending on the types of business you do, you may need insurance for a catering truck, refrigerated truck, food service trailer, step van, pickup truck or lunch wagon.

Whether for a food truck startup or a restaurant or catering business looking to expand into the mobile food industry, there are several types of insurance coverage that food truck businesses buy. Some types of food truck insurance coverage are required by law while others, though recommended, are not required.

Commercial vehicle insurance is required to operate a food truck and the coverage is similar to personal auto insurance. There are some key differences, however, related to limits of coverage, exclusions, and eligibility. These differences are owed to the fact that commercial vehicles are exposed to more risk of damage and liability than personal vehicles.

A commercial vehicle insurance policy may include several types of coverage’s that can cover different types of risks and liabilities, including:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Collision
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
  • Comprehensive (Damage not caused by collision)

Navigating food trucks through traffic and parking lots can be challenging and accidents, from the minor fender bender to a major wreck, are common. Food truck repairs can also be costly, especially if they take a long time, and these are the kinds of expensive risks you’ll a good commercial vehicle insurance policy will cover.