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Hunting Clubs

When comparing hunting insurance policies, knowing what is covered is important. Understanding what is not covered is equally imperative.

Whether you have a small club that travels, a large club with land, or a combination of the two, your hunt club needs insurance. We offer two levels of Hunt Club Insurance to meet your specific needs.


    • Limited Liability Coverage is designed for clubs that need coverage for the landowner and the hunt club. It covers operations only on the location(s) you choose to insure and includes:
      • Injury and damage
      • Host liquor coverage
      • Hired and non-owned auto
    • Broad Liability Coverage provides coverage for the landowner and the hunt club regardless of location. It includes all of the coverage listed above and adds:
      • Personal and advertising
      • Products/completed operations

When you take part in a hunt at your hunting club, you act responsibly, follow all the required safety protocols and surround yourself with people who take the same sensible approach to hunting. We understand that. Unfortunately, we also know that even when people make every effort to do what is right, there are still times when things will go badly wrong. When that happens, having the proper hunting club insurance can protect you, your family, your fellow hunting club members and the person who owns the land you hunt on from financial disaster.

Do Hunting Clubs Really Need Insurance?

Hunt club insurance, which is sometimes referred to as hunting lease insurance. or hunting insurance, is form of liability insurance that shields the assets of the hunters and landowners it covers in the event of an accident or event that they could be held legally responsible for, and it is something that no hunting club should do without. The sad truth is that a fun adventure in the woods can become a tragedy in the blink of an eye. A fall from a tree stand, an all-terrain vehicle crash, a firearm-related incident, a boating accident, a nasty cut or a fierce fire can cause serious injuries or even deaths. Without sufficient liability insurance, an incident that results in property damage or bodily harm can put the personal assets of the hunting club members on the line.

Are you under the impression that other common forms of insurance offer hunters enough protection? Think again.Home owners policies might provide a little liability coverage in certain circumstances, but there are often exclusions, so the protection offered will likely be insufficient. Having a hunting insurance policy in place helps to ensure proper coverage, which means that a moment of negligence on your hunting club will not destroy your family’s financial well-being.