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Ice/Roller Skating Rinks

We are proud to be area leaders in ice rink and sport facilities insurance, and we make a point to stay abreast of changes and trends in the industry so that we can adjust our program accordingly.

General Liability Risk Management Requirements for Ice Skating Rinks

General Liability carrier risk management requirements for ice skating rinks includes proper maintenance and inspection of ice surfaces, refrigeration equipment, ventilation systems and ice thickness; hiring of qualified employees for equipment repairs; posting of signs noting areas where skates can and cannot be worn; training of skate guards; providing skate guards with distinguishable clothing, whistles, bull-horns and/or megaphones; regular replacement of worn rubber mats; regular and frequent ice clearing and resurfacing; CPR training and first aid equipment; posting and enforcement of rink rules (from behavior on the ice to age requirements); proper monitoring of space and direction of patrons on the rink; regular testing of ice thickness (different in indoor and outdoor rinks); and placement and enforcement of policies for rink rental (i.e., using skate guards or “skate at your own risk”).

Most accidents that occur on ice skating rink surfaces are from inexperienced skaters who trip and fall, but more serious accidents can and do occur. Head injuries can result from falls on the ice, skaters can slip on wet walking surfaces, out-of-control skaters can injure themselves and others, and improperly vented rinks can have ammonia leaks. While nothing can prevent an accident from happening, the best protection for your ice skating rink is to have both Accident and General Liability insurance with sufficient limits for proper coverage in the unfortunate event of an accident and impending lawsuit.

Roller Skating is travelling on surfaces with roller skates. It can be used as a form of transportation, it is a recreational activity as well as a sport. There are 3 basic variations of skates; Quad, Inline and Blade.

More recently roller skating has become increasingly popular, with the technological improvements made to roller skates it has paved the way for trick skating, artistic roller skating and roller skating disco. Roller Skating can be done by people of all ages and with the right protection can be a very safe and enjoyable sport.

Public liability cover for ice rinks

In most instances minor falls and bumps will likely be the fault of the individual and your company will not be legally culpable. But in other cases it may be possible to put the blame on you, the ice rink operator.

This might be because of malfunctioning equipment, cracks or other imperfections in the ice, or anything else where it can be proved that the accident occurred as a result of something your company did or didn’t do. Though such accidents are likely to be relatively few if you’re operating according to health and safety requirements, just a few compensation claims may be all it takes to cripple your business financially.

Having ice rink insurance with sufficient public liability cover is a simple and effective way of protecting your business from such claims.