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A museum insurance policy from Simply Business starts with public liability insurance, which can cover you if a member of the public, such as a visitor or a supplier, makes a claim against you for injury or damage.

Your priceless collections and exhibits are what bring visitors through your doors. But keeping those visitors safe – as well as your employees, volunteers, building and reputation – is what allows you to keep those doors open.

Visitors flock through your doors every day to view and experience your priceless collections and exhibits. Whether you display centuries-old artifacts or modern art, you need well-planned and comprehensive insurance coverage to protect everything that matters, including your building, your collections, and everyone who walks through your doors.

Museum insurance is not just one policy. It is a complex and comprehensive set of policies tailored to the needs of your museum and your collections. With the help of an independent agent, you can find insurance companies that specialize in museum insurance, so you can be sure your exhibits and your reputation remain in tact.

Why Do I Need Museum Insurance?

There are all kinds of museums all over the displaying items like fine art, rugs, glass windows, books, memorabilia, coins or stamps, rarities, jewelry, and many other items with rare or historical value.

Many museums also share their collections with other institutions, galleries, or traveling exhibitions. What’s more, many of the items you display may be on loan to you from other institutions or private collections. The risks to these valuable works are immense, and with varying ownership arrangements and items on-the-move, your insurance coverage must be comprehensive and impeccable.

At any time, your collections can be damaged by fire, theft, or vandalism on your premises. They can encounter any number of problems while in transit. Your collections must be protected on your premises, while in transit, and while they are being displayed or stored offsite.

What Does Museum Insurance cover?

Museums need insurance to protect collections, buildings, and customers in a variety of situations. What’s most important is that you leave no stone unturned in determining the unique risks that face your museum, and find the coverage that offers the best protection.

Here are just a few of the scenarios that you should consider when thinking about museum insurance. Do you need coverage for any or all of the following?

  • Items/exhibits on display in your museum
  • Items/exhibits held in offsite storage
  • Items/exhibits traveling to an offsite exhibit
  • Items/exhibits on loan to your museum
  • Your museum building and its contents (everything other than the exhibits or artifacts)
  • Employees, vendors, customers and any member of the general public visiting your museum

First, you need tailored, specialized coverage for your collections, whatever and wherever they may be.