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Martial Arts

Martial arts insurance or coverage on any other discipline is typically part of a well-conceived business insurance policy. Some companies have a great deal of experience writing martial arts liability insurance policies and others may not.

Why martial arts insurance?

If you’re running a martial arts school or program, you’re teaching your students vital skills they might need to defend themselves. But if something goes wrong, do you have what you need to protect your business from being undercut?

How does martial arts liability insurance protect your business?

We’ll protect your program, employees and volunteers from bodily injury and property damage claims which result from accidents that happen in the course of your operations.

We cover several other aspects of liability, including your premises, products and advertising. We offer zero-deductibles on liability claims.

It goes without saying that just about any sport or discipline that involves aggressive physical contact will result in injuries. Many of the participants in martial arts training are children. This age group is particularly prone to injuries that can have life-long effects.  As a result, martial arts businesses and instructors have unique martial arts insurance needs. Effectively protecting your business and other assets from fires, theft, and lawsuits is critical.

Types of Martial Arts Insurance

Whether you already have a martial arts studio, are expanding, or are opening a new one, insurance protection is the best way to protect yourself, your staff, and your equipment. The most common types of martial arts insurance include:

  • General liability: This provides the security of knowing that if one of your students is injured while on your premises, you are protected from the potentially excessive cost of a liability lawsuit. You can choose policy limits based on the size of your facility and number of participants.
  • Umbrella liability: Some martial arts studios like to carry additional liability protection that goes beyond the standard limits. It is very affordable and further reduces your exposure.
  • Workers compensation: Usually part of any business insurance package, this covers any medical expenses for your employees that are injured while engaged in the ordinary aspects of their job.
  • Tournament coverage: This will cover your students or staff for on-premises and off-premises events that you sponsor or that are sponsored by another entity.