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Top safety tips for outdoor patio heaters


Top safety tips for outdoor patio heaters

With the pandemic pushing people indoors for longer than they’d like, many are attempting to achieve some level of normalcy and connection with more time outside. As temperatures drop, this makes outdoor patio heaters a popular accessory.

Whether in the backyard or warming up a social-distanced bar patio, a free-standing heat source can be a blessing for locations like Cleveland and Buffalo, where weeks can pass without a sunny day. They can also be a nightmare if misused, resulting in claims against personal and commercial lines.

Regardless of fuel source, misuses of outdoor heaters can result in considerable damage to people and property. The above slideshow highlights the top tips from Erie Insurance Group for operating an outdoor heater safely.

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  1. I had never thought of these as an option for my home before. I need to look into these more so I can figure out what would best for me. Regardless, I think these machines are fantastic. I have seen them used all over the place. I will also make sure I know all the safety rules too, as you said.

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