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Office Machine Repair

Companies count on you to clean their facilities and clear their sidewalks. You can count on Skyscraper insurance to keep your crew and equipment safe, so you can keep those buildings sparkling and open for business.

When you need a quote of insurance for your business, all you have to do is apply online, answer a few questions and we’ll send your free quote. You can also purchase your insurance online, streamlining the process even further. We’ll even send in your Certificates of Insurance (COI) to your inbox as soon as you’re done.

It won’t take more than five minutes to get a free quote and apply for your insurance. Our transparent, fast, secure, mobile-friendly website can get your business insured anytime, anywhere, hassle-free!

Business equipment repair shops, their owners and technicians need protection from claims that arise on the premises, such as slip, trip and fall accidents. Technicians repairing equipment on-site risk damaging customers’ property. In the event of a lawsuit, General Liability insurance covers any settlements awarded and pays for legal fees – a benefit too many business owners overlook. Personal and Advertising coverage offers protection against claims of slander, libel or copyright infringements in your marketing products.

Professional Liability insurance (or Errors and Omissions insurance) protects your business against errors and negligence in services provided to your customers. It also covers any attorney fees, courts costs and settlements in the event you have to defend yourself in a lawsuit.

When your computers, machines and other equipment work properly, your business runs smoothly. But what happens when a vital piece of equipment breaks down? You’re stuck while the equipment or wiring is repaired or replaced. During that time, you typically have to pay for the servicing and you may even lose revenue as your business grinds to a halt. Business equipment insurance eliminates that risk by covering your equipment repair costs and reimbursing you for lost income.

An independent Skyscraper insurance member agent has access to equipment breakdown insurance policies from a wide variety of insurance companies. Your local agent can help you compare several policies and rates, and help you select the coverage that fits your company’s needs. Find an agent today to get business equipment insurance quotes.

The office of today is technology driven and machine dependent. If equipping the office with the right machines and technology is crucial, its maintenance is equally essential. As work is hugely dependent on computers and other office equipment, user efficiency, improved performance, the accuracy of work, is direct by product of good maintenance. Hiring right human resources is a must but these resources need to have the right tools and equipment at their disposal to be efficient. As digitization and computers have taken over many of the processes and procedures, a well-equipped business has that distinct advantage over its competitors.