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There are several excursion insurance requirements for tour operators who contract with cruise lines and resort hotels, or sub-contract to other major tour companies.

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Not all these sorts of insurance policy will necessarily be taken out in the language of the customer. This is not normally a problem if the policy is applied and paid for online.

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Trucking insurance has become much more difficult to obtain recently. Many of the carriers that originally were writing a lot of policies haven’t been offering terms nearly as often.

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Valet insurance is needed to cover damage done to a vehicle while it was in valet’s custody. If damage is done on your watch, you will need to state whether or not you believe you are at fault; then it is up to insurers to determine who is responsible for paying to repair any damage.

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Our Veterinary Insurance Program is a preferred insurance policy designed specifically for veterinarians, kennels, and animal hospitals.

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Videotape Editing Services

We are not just here to gain your trust and add you as a client we want you always to be a happy client by staying loyal with dedicated professional service at all times. You are our only priority.

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The service you provide to customers is often very personal. If an employee were to make a serious error, do you have insurance to help pay for related legal fees? How about coverage if an employee or customer is somehow injured in your workplace − or if critical equipment is damaged during a natural disaster?

Skyscraper insurance can help you find the right service industry insurance for your business. The success of your business rests on your ability to meet the needs of your customers – while dealing with any unfortunate events that could interrupt your operations and impact your bottom line. That’s why business insurance for service industries is so important.

One of the challenges of buying service industry insurance is knowing how much you need. No two companies are the same. Size, type, location and other factors all determine the ideal make up of the perfect policy. Skyscraper insurance offers many types of insurance to protect your business.

With industry expertise in areas such as underwriting, risk control, and claims, we know how to keep your specific type of business and employees protected. Whether you manage a clothing store, operate a farm, or run a publishing house, you need the right coverage to ensure your business is protected.