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Why EPLI Is Important


Why EPLI Is Important

Why EPLI Is Important Each day, business owners face dozens of potential employment liability risks. Small businesses may be especially vulnerable to potentially costly employment claims. It’s been found that the percentage of employees who reported being harassed at work was 32% at both large and small businesses. Small companies may have fewer resources available for these claims, meaning they may suffer more harm in the event of a lawsuit. The average cost of a discrimination claim for an employer is $125,000. Without insurance, this is an amount that could cause substantial harm to a small business. When businesses employ people, they take on risks. You may face employment liability risks that you never thought about when you started your business. Getting the right types of insurance policies might help to protect your company if one of your employees decides to file a discrimination or another employment-related claim against your business. What does EPLI cover? EPLI offers coverage to pay for legal expenses, judgments, and settlements that might arise from the following types of claims:

• Discrimination based on a protected status • Sexual harassment • termination, including constructive discharge • Retaliation for engaging in a protected activity • Failure to hire or promote because of a protected status • Breach of employment contracts • Mismanagement of employee benefits • Mental anguish or infliction of emotional distress • Defamation • Violations of privacy rights • Family and Medical Leave Act violations

Apply for EPLI coverage today In today’s business environment, having the right types of coverage is vital for the success of your business. An increasing number of employee lawsuits are being filed against companies of all sizes. It makes sense for you to protect your company and everything that you have worked to build by getting EPLI coverage. To learn more and to request an EPLI application please send us and email and we will send you the application to fill out.

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