Artisan Contractors

Solar Installation

Solar installation insurance coverage is included in most homeowners insurance policies, which means no separate solar panel insurance is needed.

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Sound System Installation

At Skyscraper insurance, we offer flexible cover that includes full sound system installation insurance for all of your equipment, covering accidental damage, theft and loss of your music equipment.

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Street and Road Construction

We have been specializing in Road Construction Insurance and have helped thousands of small, medium, and large business owners get the right insurance to meet their risk management needs.

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The type of stucco application can affect whether your insurer will cover any damage. Similarly, the type of damage can affect your ability to receive compensation from your insurer.

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Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosaic, or Terrazzo Work

Mosaic tile have a unique set of risks within the industry. With the right insurance policy, you can easily reduce costs, keep your projects running smoothly and make sure that both your team and your customers are protected in the event of an accident or other issues.

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Artisan Contractors

Artisan contractors insurance gives protection against any financial losses that arise during work on a construction site.

If you’re in any kind of building right now, it was crafted using the skills of an artisan crafter. These skills are showcased everywhere – from the molding around the doors to the tile in your kitchen, to the plumbing in your bathroom. You can thank the work of an artisan contractor for the comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing nature of your home.

Contractors Liability sees the pride that artisan contractors take in their work every day, and we can find a specialized liability coverage plan ensuring that the artisan contractors we work with are covered in the event of an accident. We watch your assets so that you can put the time and effort into more important things.
What is Artisan Contractor’s Insurance?
An artisan in the contracting business is typically anyone who can provide a specified type of service that markedly improves a home or business. This includes:

  • Demolition/ Excavation
  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Electricians
  • Security Systems
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Masonry
  • Carpenters
  • Painting Contractors
  • Drywall Carpenters

Of course, there are many more examples than just those in this list. These contractors provide services that require specialized liability needs, for each trade has its own potential for accidents and risk factors. Artisan contractors’ insurance cover injuries to the body, damages to the client or a third-party property, personal injury or injury made against the reputation of a third party, advertising injury or any sort of action taken against a competing company, and medical payments.
Why Should Artisan Contractors Choose Contractors Liability?
It’s difficult to find an insurance agency that understands what specific contractors go through. Although everyone understands what plumbers and electricians do generically, Contractors Liability has the history and the skills we need to ensure that you are covered completely and that the rate we choose is within a budget you can afford. Some of the perks of choosing artisan contractor’s insurance through Contractors Liability includes:

A custom insurance policy based on your skills and trade, ready to cover you in the event of an accident
Affordable prices on policies that provide comprehensive coverage
Customer service and support from people with a background in covering contractors and licensed insurance agents
A-rated insurance policies from insurance companies that you know and trust