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If organized criminals in Texas wanted to get off easier and pay less for their misdeeds, they would probably hire lobbyists to make up a propaganda campaign to change laws to go easier on crooks.

Our government policy advisors and attorneys, many of whom are registered lobbyists, work together on behalf of our insurance industry clients to help shape the laws, regulations and policies that directly affect the highly-regulated insurance industry. We have decades of experience representing clients on matters before state and federal legislative bodies and regulatory agencies. Drawing on this experience, we help clients with drafting, amending and monitoring legislation, regulations, declaratory rulings and statements of policy. We create effective public policy strategies to enable clients to properly position themselves on important issues. We frequently write and present testimony to legislative standing committees. Working effectively and efficiently behind the scenes, we also assist legislators in developing floor statements and white papers to support or oppose legislative bills. skyscraper insurance also assists clients in forming and administering trade associations and political action committees, as well as in complying with campaign finance and lobby act regulations. skyscraper insurance intimate knowledge of and interaction in the lawmaking process provide an unparalleled advantage to our clients.