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Insurance Agencies/Services

Quite a lot of challenges continue to blur the insurance landscape these days. On one hand, insurance agencies have to cope with excessive competition and strict rules.

Insurance activity services include the conclusion of insurance contracts in the name and for the account of an insurance company. In addition to the conclusion of contracts, insurance agency services also include activities related to the preparation for the conclusion of an insurance contract, and assistance with the exercise of the rights arising from the contract, especially with the solving of claims addressed to an insurance company.

Insurance agency services may be provided by Insurance agencies with a status of a company or a sole trader pursuant to the Companies Act that have acquired a licence to pursue the activity of insurance agencies.

Insurance agency services may also be provided by other entities if insurance is concluded that is directly related to the main service provided (e.g. forwarding agents and persons performing road worthiness tests), and if they have acquired a licence to pursue the activity of insurance agencies.

Insurance agencies may only provide insurance agency services, and:

1. services of credit intermediation and brokerage services of investment coupons of mutual funds and other similar financial products if they meet the conditions to provided these services stipulated by law and other regulations which regulate the provision of these services;

2. brokerage services in sale and sale in contingencies of damaged items which belong to the insurance company when solving loss events;