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Glass Dealers and Glaziers – Sales and Installation

Glass Dealers & Glaziers business owners benefit from obtaining and maintaining the proper commercial insurance coverage necessary to adequately protect their company and also comply with concerning Glass Dealers & Glaziers contractors insurance requirements.

Window glass  and mirror stores not only sell glass supplies, but many of them also provide custom-cut glass and installation services. Glass commonly offered at these types of stores include plate, safety and window glass. Services offered may include cutting, buffing, beveling and polishing glass, along with expert installation of glass windows and hardware for residences and businesses. Liability losses may occur when your service causes damage to the customer’s home or business. Other risks include crimes like fraud, and general liabilities. Protect these and other risks with window glass insurance.

Due to the many risks your business is exposed to, you should also be purchasing different business insurance policies. These are some of the most important policies for your window glass.

Your window glass can be dangerous for customers who aren’t careful. Be sure to have all merchandise in a safe place. Even then, accidents and injuries might still occur. Something could fall and shatter and cause an injury to your customer. General liability includes premises liability, which is coverage for medical and legal costs if something like this occurs. This window glass insurance policy also includes product liability and completed operations.

Product liability, which is often included in general liability, provides coverage for the products you sell. If you sell faulty hardware that causes a window to shatter or glass that damages the individual’s home or causes bodily injury, you are responsible for the legal costs. Product liability will offer you financial protection from such claims.

Business property insurance is in place to protect you from damage to your property or contents. Natural disasters and extreme weather conditions could damage the merchandise in your window glass quite easily, not to mention the risk of flood or fire. To fully protect your business, get a business property insurance policy. If there is an earthquake and much of your inventory of mirrors falls to the floor and shatters, you can get them replaced with the help of business property insurance.