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Fast Food

Liability insurance will protect the business from claims brought on by others. The coverage itself is broken down into two categories, product liability insurance and premises liability insurance.

When it comes to securing your business for long-term prosperity, a trusted partner can be your most valuable asset. Mirroring how you understand the ins and outs of your enterprise, we understand the ins and outs of effective insurance coverage. At Skyscraper insurance, we are a family owned agency that has the capability to handle all your insurance needs under one roof.

Our agents specialize in developing insurance solutions for restaurant franchisees. A niche service for our agency, we apply years of experience to each policy we write, courtesy of the hundreds of stores we insure. Relieve the pressure of identifying and reducing risk from your repertoire, and add a partnership with us to your list of assets.

Whether you serve up pizza, burgers, or subs, an appropriate recipe for insurance is critical to keeping your business cooking. Typically, insurance agencies require franchisees to handle excess, unnecessary paperwork, which adds time and cost. At Skyscraper insurance, we value your investment not only in your business, but also insurance services. Our agents strive to make the process of securing protection as streamlined as possible – providing the most bang for your buck.

Even before opening for business, franchisees are often required to have four essential insurances coverage’s: workers compensation and employer’s liability, commercial auto coverage (with delivery operations coverage), commercial general liability, and commercial property insurance.

Our agents are available to guide clients through these essential coverage’s. However, we traditionally recommend protection above corporate and state minimum requirements. Clients often determine the slight increase in premium is well worth the additional security in place.

Workers compensation coverage will secure your business if employees are injured at the restaurant while working for you. It also encompasses employees who are injured on the job but not on your business premises, including during the act of delivering a product.

Similar to the comprehensive protection provided by workers comp, commercial auto insurance keeps your business covered if an employee is involved in a car accident while driving for your business. Non-owned and hired auto coverage protects your business in the event an employee’s personal vehicle is used for commercial purposes. This is frequently the case for food delivery employees.

Commercial general liability and commercial property insurance are a pair of coverage’s serving as the basis for our complete business insurance program. We take the time necessary to personalize these coverage’s to your franchise. With our Premier Business Owners Policy (BOP), the opportunity is available to secure both your building and business personal property. Additional property coverage, such as income insurance and equipment breakdown coverage, may be included. Supplemental liability coverage can be established through policy enhancements.