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Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs)

E-cigarette insurance will cover your business against the potential risks of future regulation as well as liability litigation action which could occur. As a new industry, the e-cigarette sector is not fully understood and many of the contaminant risks in e-cigarettes have not been fully evaluated.

Consider what could happen to a vape business owner if, for example, someone had an allergic reaction to an e-liquid that was sold? Or, what if they distribute e-cig devices that malfunction and causes bodily injuries or property damage? The business, and business owner, could be held legally liable for damages, even though they aren’t the physical manufacturer of the e-liquids or e-cigarette devices. Legal expenses alone could cripple a business but compensatory and punitive damage awards could put anyone out of business.

Skyscraper Insurance  offers specialist advice and insurance cover for your e-cigarette shop, wholesale and manufacturing. Both e-cigarette insurance and vape insurance options ensure there is a solution for your business and you can feel safe in the knowledge your business is protected.

As an emerging sector which is only set to grow further, the e-cigarette industry comes with many risks which make it essential particular insurances are in place for all business owners. Our electric cigarette insurance is suitable for shop owners, manufacturers and wholesalers and it incorporates products liability insurance too.

One of the biggest questions for people who use electronic cigarettes is whether they might be considered a non-smoker or a smoker on their life insurance application. Although the user of an electronic cigarette actually inhales vapor, there is technically no burning or smoke that takes place when using one of these devices. Yet, the user oftentimes still uses nicotine in a liquid form.  So the answer to this question is it depends.

Though e-cigarettes are regularly marketed as being better for you than normal cigarettes, there is no great weight of research to back this up. Very little study has been done into the health impact of electronic cigarettes, either in terms of long-term effects or any consequences of second-hand inhalation.