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Coffee are a hive of activity, bustling with people looking for drinks and refreshments and a place to rejuvenate. With hot drinks, food and a high footfall of customers, you need quality coffee insurance to protect your business in case something goes wrong.

Coffee can find insurance to cover lawsuits and property damage costs – but you might be wondering how much coffee insurance costs. To help you budget your insurance, we’ve provided insurance cost estimates for three important types of coverage.

These price estimates are meant for general information purposes only, to give you a ballpark idea of what you might pay. Actual policy costs will vary significantly from one cafe to the next based on your location, how much business you do, and a variety of other factors.

General Liability Insurance

Because numerous customers walk in and out of your cafe every day, General Liability Insurance can offer you vital liability protection. This policy covers slip-and-fall accidents as well as other injury lawsuits that could arise after people other than your employees are injured on your property.

As you know, coffee are all a bit different. Some serve food or roast beans on site. The quotes above are for coffee that don’t serve food. If your shop has food service, alcohol service, or roasting facilities, you should expect to pay more for GL Insurance.

Business Owner’s Policy

cafes can sometimes get a discount on their small business insurance by purchasing a Business Owner’s Policy, which bundles General Liability and Property Insurance into one package.

As a cafe owner, you know that quality coffee comes from quality equipment. An espresso machine alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars – a significant investment. If a fire, storm, theft, or vandalism results in property loss, BOP Property Insurance covers the cost to repair or replace your espresso machines, grinders, furniture, inventory, and other property.