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cenes of unrest: A view of the protests and damage across the U.S.


cenes of unrest: A view of the protests and damage across the U.S.

As protests sparked by the death of George Floyd raged in recent days, ALM photographers were on the ground capturing the events as they unfolded across three cities.

The images are a sobering reminder of the emotions Americans are feeling nationwide and highlight the vital role the insurance community plays in assisting in and addressing client concerns surrounding the civil unrest.

In New York City, Ryland West captured protesters marching through downtown Manhattan and from Foley Square over the Brooklyn Bridge during three days.

In Baltimore, Diego Radzinschi photographed marchers June 1 on a route from the Convention Center to City Hall, then onto the I-83 Expressway, rounding up with a loop of the prison and Central Booking and back downtown.

In Atlanta, John Disney snapped the shattered storefront of the Omni Hotel with a ruined piano among the glass shards and a billboard outside the CNN Center after a night of violent protests and riots on May 29.

Together, the images they recorded convey the visceral feeling of being present during a historic but difficult moment in American history.

Protests, riots, and loss of business income

Insurance concerns go beyond the political unrest of the day.

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