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X-Ray or Image Labs

Imaging centers need the protection of a strong and reputable medical malpractice insurance policy.

If you own part of an imaging center, you may be exposed to malpractice insurance claims made against your physician liability insurance policy. It is important to provide a separate limit of insurance to cover your imaging center, providing a separate malpractice insurance policy to cover each risk element of your practice makes great sense. Inadvertently many physicians assume that their medical malpractice insurance policies will cover this added exposure.

Acquiring the proper medical malpractice liability insurance for your MRI/X-Ray imaging center is extremely important.

Determining which insurance policy is the best for your needs can be challenging. If you don’t select the right policy, you may pay too much at best, or leave parts of this exposure uncovered (at worst). Whether your center works with a hospital or performs angiography or arteriography, our veteran malpractice insurance liability specialists can help you find the best coverage for the best rate from A-rated carriers.

Our medical malpractice insurance specialists will explore this market for you so that you can focus on building a safe and successful imaging practice. Contact us now, and let our team of knowledgeable liability insurance professionals, familiar with the imaging center insurance market, explain how they can save you time, money and provide peace of mind.

The Skyscraper insurance is a specialist in obtaining medical malpractice insurance for imaging centers. We work with major insurance companies and help imaging centers obtain medical malpractice insurance quotes. Most MRI or x-ray clinics are unsure of what to look for when acquiring medical malpractice insurance. Our agents assist in obtaining malpractice insurance quotes that cover the particular services offered by the imaging center – including MRI and X-ray exposures. We understand imaging center malpractice insurance and will help you select the appropriate medical malpractice insurance coverage available to your facility.

The Skyscraper insurance takes pride in developing relationships with imaging centers. Our malpractice insurance agents provide assistance throughout the underwriting process and make sure all of your questions have been answered. We make sure that your imaging center malpractice insurance is kept up to date on a yearly basis and provides you with the lowest rates available for MRI/X-ray malpractice insurance.