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The taxidermists liability insurance policy is designed to protect the policyholder against claims made against them in respect of their legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising during the course of their business activities.

Taxidermists are experienced and trained in the practice of taxidermy, which involves preparing and stuffing animal skins for individual, hobbyist, and museum use. Fishermen, hunters, museums, and other individuals and entities often want to display their hunted prey or a variety of animals for other uses. Taxidermists are trained in properly preparing and stuffing the animal skins that these individuals can use for their own displaying or mounting purposes. As a taxidermist, you have the general business risks such as potential crimes, legal liabilities, injuries on your premises, dishonest employee practices, and completed operation risks. Protect these types of risks by choosing appropriate taxidermist insurance.

A variety of types of taxidermist insurance policies exist that will protect your different risk exposures. Choose your probable risks and be sure you have a business insurance policy to cover each.

Taxidermists General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is one of the most important business insurance policies to have. Your taxidermist business will be protected against all types of liabilities including completed operations, products liability, and premises liability. If a customer visits your taxidermy shop and gets injured from tools left on the ground, they could sue you for damages. However premises liability will pay for these legal costs and any damages you owe. Completed operations is also helpful as it provides coverage for anything that occurs after the customer has picked up their finished taxidermy item.

Taxidermists Property Insurance

A bevy of risks are related to your business property and should be protected with a property insurance policy. For example, if there is an extreme weather condition or natural disaster, it could cause significant damage to your taxidermy shop or office. Many of the items and chemicals used cause you to be at a higher risk for fire due to their flammable nature A fire could destroy most of your building and contents very quickly with these chemicals. Property insurance will protect these and other types of damages to your property and contents.

Taxidermists qualify for our same day quotes for general liability and property coverage (which can be either a building or your equipment, often referred to as business personal property). Taxidermists perform a unique professional service, which means that they should also consider professional liability insurance. General and professional liability policies are available as separate policies, meaning that they do not necessarily have to be purchased together.

What is taxidermists public liability insurance?

The taxidermists public liability insurance policy provides the policyholder with protection in respect of claims made against them for their legal liability for personal injury or property damage that occurs during the course of the business. The taxidermist may have an action taken against them for the most spurious of reasons and the policy provides for legal defense costs in respect of the cost of mounting a defense to any such claim as well as meeting the legal costs of defending any action where the taxidermist’s found liable and in these circumstances will also meet the costs of any awards made in court against the policyholder. more If you supply a product or service you may also require product liability insurance alongside the public liability cover in order to protect you in respect of any legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising from the sale or supply of that product. more