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Shoe Repair

Employees working for your shoe repair are at risk of injuring themselves from tools they use, especially heavy equipment for polishing, sewing machines, knives, and scissors. Work-related injuries can cost your company a lot of money if you don’t have worker’s compensation insurance.

Just as your customers have choices of where to go to have shoes repaired, you have choices with your insurance. It is likely that every agent who calls will tell you they can write business insurance; however, what they may not know is your business! and, even if they know about the shoe repair business, does the company they are placing you with know about your business? We at Skyscraper insurance specialize in your business. We have the coverage’s and claims experience to handle the unique needs of a shoe repair store. Our independent agents have all of our resources available to them to make sure you can make the right choices when it comes to the coverage you need. Would you like to speak with one of our agency specialists?

If you run a Shoe Repair business, Skyscraper insurance will provide you with the best service and policy for some of the lowest premiums on the market. We can negotiate the cheapest rates with our insurers with the widest cover.

A shoe repair is a special service that repairs shoes and boots along with other services like shining, polishing, and dyeing them. As a shoe repair owner, you or your employees may also provide your services for other items like briefcases, handbags, purses, and other small leather goods. This can be a lucrative and rewarding profession with the right experience and training, but one small unexpected event could cause extreme financial turmoil. Risks such as damage to your client’s property, employee injury, or accidents in your are possible which should be protected by business insurance. Shoe repair insurance is important as it will cover most unexpected events that can occur.

General liability insurance is the most basic of business insurance policies and something every shop repair should have. It includes premises liability, products liability, and completed operations. Premises liability is designed to cover damages or loss caused while a client is on your premises, and includes bodily injury. Completed operations is for errors or mistakes that lead to damage of a client’s property after you provide repair services. Products liability protects against any products you sell to your clients. For example, if a client comes in to have their shoes polished and you sell them a product to use on their own leather goods, damage caused by that product become your responsibility. With general liability insurance, those damages are then covered.

While shoes are being repaired in you, you are responsible for keeping them safe and protected from further damage. If there is a fire overnight, and you come in the next morning and you find that many, if not all of, your client’s shoes or other leather goods are damaged or destroyed, you are now responsible for those damages. This can add up to thousands of dollars in damages and legal costs. If you have business property insurance, you won’t need to pay these costs out-of-pocket according to your policy details.