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Residential Cleaning Services

Show your next customer that you carry maid service insurance by quickly downloading our Certificate of Insurance online. You can even add customers as an Additional Insured before you download it with no fees, ever.

Because maids must enter clients’ homes and places of business to do their work, they are exposed to some unique risks. For example, your maid business can be legally responsible for property damage, injuries caused by your cleaning, and breached cleaning contracts.

Maid insurance can cover the cost of lawsuits and other expenses that could bankrupt your business. But how much can you expect your premiums to be?

Below, we’ve compiled sample quotes based on what maid services businesses usually pay for coverage. Your actual yearly premiums depend on the specifics of your business. These figures are intended only as a reference point to offer you a ballpark figure of what insurance might cost for a maid business.

How Much Is General Liability Insurance?
If you accidentally damage customer property while carrying out your work, you’ll need General Liability Insurance to cover the replacement costs. So say, for example, one of your maids knocks an expensive work of art off a shelf. GL Insurance can cover the cost of a lawsuit if the client sues. This coverage can also pay for lawsuits over bodily injuries and advertising injuries (e.g., libel or slander).

Lawsuits against cleaning industry workers are not uncommon. In one notable case, a cleaning company was sued when a worker was accused of scratching glass in a custom-built residence. The suit was for over $300,000 in damages and legal fees. When you’re dealing with the property of others, there can be serious legal ramifications for even the smallest mistake.

You may be a sole proprietor who cleans residences, the owner of a small to mid sized carpet cleaning business or the owner of a larger commercial cleaning operation with many employees. If you run a house cleaning or janitorial business, you may need a cleaning business insurance package that will cover your risks.

As a cleaning professional, you know that business insurance can safeguard your maid, janitorial, housekeeping, or chimney cleaning company from the severe financial risks of lawsuits and property damage. But as you begin your search for coverage, the sheer volume of coverage types, providers, and options can be confusing and overwhelming. You may be asking yourself whether it’s in your best interest to work with an insurance agent or how you can be sure you trust your insurance carrier. Then there are the details of your coverage: which deductible amounts could you safely take on? Are your policy limits high enough? What do you need to insure, and what can you exclude from coverage?

Of course, these questions can be helpful in guiding you toward the appropriate policy, carrier, and terms of coverage. Before you delve deeper into your search, take a moment to consider the answers to some of these common coverage questions.