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Race Tracks

Most policies have language exempting coverage for damages if said damage happens “inside a facility designated for racing.” Regardless of whether you happen to be racing at the time, your insurer will do everything in their power to deny a related claim.

When hosting or promoting a racing event at your racetrack or facility, it is important to consider the possibility of injury on and off the track. Skyscraper insurance will analyze your specific needs to insure you are covered for all of your racing exposures. We will connect you to a wide range of insurance service providers to ensure you get the right type of insurance when you need it.

No victory without risk, however, to continue winning, one should limit the risk where possible.

Skyscraper insurance Racing Track Insurance provides unique insurance products built to fit your activities to include Personal Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance.

We cannot help you to win races of course, but our support is always there if your desire for success takes you over the limit.

Whether you are the car owner or you rent the car, we can provide cover for Accidental Crash Damage to competition vehicles whilst:

  • Racing
  • Rallying
  • Taking part in a rally raid
  • Testing / practicing
  • On track days

We can arrange cover for:

  • Rolling chassis / shell
  • Accident damage to engine and gearbox
  • Engine damage
  • Fire
  • Excess insurance

Although much copied by our rivals, we are still ahead of the field in claims processing and on track service.

Our policy wording is to the point and simple to understand. Depending on the type of risk, the cover may vary. Our insurance proposal explains in detail what is covered and what will be excluded from the insurance.

As an insurance broker, we work for you, the client. We are not agents and do not work for insurance companies. That gives us the flexibility we need to find the best coverage at affordable rates and stay within your budget. We can show you all of the options from providers that specialize in race tracks coverage. Once you choose which option you want, we can set up the coverage and take care of it for you.