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Pet Trainers

As a pet trainer, liability insurance is essential to keep lawsuits and claims from taking a “bite” out of your business. Lucky are the people who make a living surrounded by dogs, but luck won’t help you when it comes to alleged negligence claims, errors or omission from third party claims regarding a dog trainer’s activities.

Our program was designed to help professional dog & pet trainers increase the credibility of their business and get the comprehensive protection they need. Our policies include coverage’s that are important to pet trainers such as general liability, business personal property, and animal bailee.

What We Offer

Whether you offer individual or group basic obedience training, or specialize in advanced training types such as search and rescue, therapy, service dog training or agility training, Business Insurers has the right insurance plan for your dog training business.

What We Cover

As a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agency, Business Insurers works with many insurance companies who provide coverage to pet professionals just like you. We offer a full array of coverage options including the broadest liability protection available and optional coverage endorsements for daycare/kennel/boarding, pet sitting, grooming, and therapy dogs. Below are more details on the main coverage’s we offer:

  • General Liability Insurance protects trainers against third party claims for bodily injury or property damage arising from negligence on behalf of you and/or your employees.
  • Bonding to protect against dishonest acts committed by you, your employees or independent contractors such as theft of property or money.

Most all small businesses need liability insurance in one form or another, and professional dog trainers are no exception. Regardless of types of training you offer or whether you offer group or individual classes, you will always have liability exposures that you should consider protecting against.

So what are my exposures as a pet dog trainer? Great question! The answer all depends on what you do in your business. For example, if you offer basic obedience classes, your exposure may seem small, but if one of the puppies in your class jumps on another puppy or another person in a group class, you may end up with a bill for damages. Same is true if offering behavior modification classes for dogs with aggression or biting issues. If dog bites someone or another dog in a class, you may be presented with a bill for the damages. And if you offer boarding as well as training, consider the injuries to the dog(s) in your care, as well as damages they may inflict to others while in your care.

Therefore the one insurance policy all trainers should consider is a general liability insurance policy-preferably one designed for trainers-that includes care, custody or control coverage. General liability Insurance is a form of insurance which protects the insured client from claims arising out of bodily injury or property damage to a third party. This means that it protects those insured against claims which a third party might bring against them for bodily injury, property damage, personal or advertising injury, or medical payments. The following is a breakdown of each of the limits of liability common to a commercial general liability policy, along with examples of how they apply to a professional dog trainer. Please note these limits are pretty standard in the insurance industry, regardless of which insurance company you are insured with.