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Moving Companies/Relocation Services

Here at Skyscraper insurance Brokers we are able to help moving companies with one of the most important parts of their business.

Before going into the types of cargo coverage, there are two things consumers should be aware of:

  1. The term “fully insured” is often used by moving companies to convey that the customers’ belongings will be protected against loss or damage. Although this can be true, the term can be somewhat misleading. This broad term describes the coverage that the moving company has purchased for itself, usually relating to cargo insurance, liability insurance, and vehilcle insurance.
  2. Insurance can only be sold by licensed insurance agents. A moving company can not sell insurance coverage. Movers can only offer to accept responsibility under their insurance coverage as they have care and control of your possessions. Movers may charge deductibles, surcharges, or limit liability but can not sell actual insurance coverage. However, moving companies can offer protection plans or valuation coverage. Consumers should know that these coverage’s are not regulated by the government and such contracts can be difficult to enforce.

As a moving company there are many important factors that you are trying to work out all the time. How to load the truck exactly the way it needs to be to not damage the piano, how to drive without bouncing any of the items in the truck, how to keep your clients happy, just to name a few. Another major concern that comes to play with is insurance. Moving company insurance can be pretty hard to come by because a lot of companies exclude them all together due to the high amount of claims that are prevalent in the industry. Moving company insurance is somewhat varied as well depending on what is needed in the area that you operate.

Another important factor to consider with your liability insurance is how the claims are handled. In the moving industry it’s not really if a claim is going to happen, but when the claim will happen. One of the most important factors to consider with your insurance is how the claims are handled. You need to have a company that is going to stand with you and help with your claims. When your claim happens who will have your back?

We are also willing to insure any moving company regardless of past history. We will take them and help them get back on track, even if they have had a rough go for a few years. If you are having trouble finding insurance because of bad driving record, claims, lapse in insurance or any other reason we are able to help.

Skyscraper insurance is committed to serving our members who are relocating. We have products specifically tailored to meet the needs of those who are relocating.

In tandem with great banking products, Skyscraper insurance also has insurance experts on hand to help you navigate the complexities of insurance. We develop custom insurance plans for members with limited. driving history, no driver’s license, or no established credit. We educate members on the appropriate coverage to protect the things most important in their lives with products like Car Insurance, Renters Insurance, Home Insurance and Personal Liability.