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Mail Box or Packaging

Your private mail box is unique. To find the best business insurance policies that meet your budget, talk to a local Skyscraper insurance independent insurance agent who can obtain a variety of quotes from reputable insurance companies that specialize in businesses like yours.

Private mail centers provide mailbox rental and other postal and mailing services. In addition, they may offer other services such as fax and word processing services, on-site PC rental, and retail sales of office and packaging supplies.

Private mail centers must invest in insurance policies to protect their business assets from the following potential risks:

  • Accidents such as trips and falls in the store or parking lot
  • Store fixtures causing injury or property damage to customers or other members of the public
  • Damage to your inventory, fixtures, computers, copy machines and other business personal property due to some catastrophic or unexpected event (fire, smoke, weather, vandalism, etc.)
  • Loss of income due to a catastrophic or unexpected event
  • Employee theft of cash or inventory
  • Employee lawsuits related to discrimination or other claims
  • Theft of customer credit card numbers or another type of cyber breach
  • Fire damage to landlord’s property

Coverage Overview for Private Mail Centers

  • Commercial general liability insurance is critical for any retailer or business that frequently has members of the general public on the premises. It pays for direct costs related to bodily injury or property damage caused by you or your employees. If you are sued, your policy may also cover your defense costs, court costs, settlements and court-ordered judgments that you must pay.
  • Commercial property insurance protects you if a fire, vandalism, smoke, theft or other type of event damages your business property. Even if you lease your space, this coverage is necessary to cover lost inventory, office equipment, computers and all of your other business property.