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Lawn Mower Repair

Our insurance for lawn mowing businesses can help to safeguard your livelihood by providing you with cover against the wide range of risks you face, helping to ensure that you won’t be left out of pocket if something goes wrong.

Whether it’s your first mower, or a replacement, this article has some tips to help you when you go shopping for your new mower.

Although your lawn mower is large and sometimes the biggest lawn care business investment, it’s worth the cost in the efficient way it will serve you, and the time and the work it will save for you. With care, your new mower will give you years of trouble-free service.

You probably have noticed the extreme variations in price on mowers. Why does one power mower sell for $125, while another sells for $399 or even more? At this point, we’ll merely say that you’ll get about what you pay for.

When you shop for your mower, whether for lawn mowing business or as personal property, you’ll hear so many different sales stories that you’ll probably wonder whose story to believe!

Lawn mowing might be thought of as a low risk occupation, but you know better than anyone the risks you face as a result of working outside with electrical equipment such as trimmers, chainsaws and lawn mowers, hazardous chemicals such as weed killer and exposure to the elements.

Choosing the right cover for your business can be complicated. To help you with making these important decisions, we have provided you with the coverage that most businesses like yours choose:

  • Public and Products Liability. Cover claims against you for negligent acts that can be connected with your business and result in personal injury or property damage
  • General Property. Cover your equipment and tools of the trade against loss, damage or theft
  • Personal Accident and Illness. When mowing lawns, you’re exposed to a range of unique risks. Protect your business and family against personal accidents with sharp tools, machinery and chemicals that leaves you unable to work
  • Fire and Defined Events. Your lawn mowing tools, equipment and stock can be covered against loss or damage caused by fire, malicious damage, storms, lightening and earthquakes