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Laundry & Dry Cleaning or Dying – Receiving Stations

The General Liability Insurance Coverage for your Dry Cleaning Business is designed to protect the business against losses even if they are negligent or liable for damage, injury or loss to another’s property, reputation, or health.

Whether it’s a routine wash or a special piece, your customers trust you to handle their apparel with care. Building a business on which both your customers and employees can rely requires work and commitment. Continue your success while helping to protect your shop with quality business insurance from Skyscraper insurance.

As business owners themselves, Skyscraper insurance agents have a unique understanding of the needs and questions you may have when selecting an insurance plan. To help you prepare for that conversation, we’ve complied a helpful guide to discussing your coverage with an agent.

Insuring a Laundromat, Laundry Cleaning, Dry Cleaning or Drop Off cleaning operation is serious business. A Laundromat, Laundry or Dry Cleaning Business typically has several high-value machines that are not only expensive to fix, repair and replace, but downtime, while these items are inoperable, can be costly. Commercial washing machines and commercial clothes dryers can cost thousands of dollars to replace if they are damaged by fire, water or vandalism. This is why you need to insure your Laundry or Dry Cleaning Business.

Business Property Insurance

Property insurance can cover the buildings that you own and/or business property and inventory against physical loss or damage.  This coverage includes Insurance coverage for your business’:

  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Flooring
  • Store Fixtures
  • Decorations
  • Phone Systems
  • Computer Equipment
  • Folding Tables
  • Furniture

If you don’t own your building, you’ll still need contents coverage. In the most policies, property insurance for business contents covers furniture, fixtures, inventory, office equipment and other supplies stored at your facility or off-premises. You may insure those items for replacement cost or for actual cash value.

Any business that invites customers and visitors on the premises can experience accidents resulting in injuries. A bigger risk with dry cleaning operations is the environmental hazard that exists due to the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process. A rear entry door should be used for laundry deliveries to and from the off-site locations in order to prevent injury to customers. Higher hazard employee-only areas should be physically separated from customer areas by doorways with signage indicating entry is restricted to employees only.