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Go-Kart Tracks

Sufficient public liability insurance and employer’s liability cover should therefore be at the heart of your Go Kart Tracks insurance policy, so that if something does happen and your company is to blame, you’re totally protected.

Go kart are four wheeled vehicles powered by a small engine. Go karting is an extremely popular recreational activity and go kart tracks are spread and further afield. The karting tracks can be located both indoors and outdoors and for recreational races the companies generally supply all the equipment needed such as a kart, helmet, gloves and driving outfit.

Many race tracks offer low speeds karts for amusement purposes which enable a varied age range and ability to drive the karts. These karts generally have external controls fitted on them which allows the karts to be stopped and slowed if needed. Go karts used in racing environments are considerably more powerful to enable the competitors to reach higher speeds. Safety procedures in go karting are set and adhered to a high standard as the sport can be risky.

The open nature of the kart exposes the driver to greater levels of injuries but padded surroundings and seat belts do provide a high level protection. Although the karts and equipment worn reduce the risk of an injury or accident occurring, it is still present and ensuring that you have personal protection in place is strongly advised.

Go Kart Tracks insurance to protect your business

Some risks that may occur in the go karting industry are:

• collision between go karts
• injury to customer/s, employees or yourself
• malicious or accidental damage to go karts or track • water and fire damage to your building

And that is just to name a few. Our go kart tracks insurance package includes:

• Public Liability
• Workers Compensation
• Property (including the go karts)

Skyscraper insurance provides Go-Kart Tracks – both stand-alone and within family entertainment centers – with the best coverage and lowest premiums. Our experienced staff understands that every venue has unique needs. As an independent insurance agent, we represent virtually every major insurance carrier that specializes in the amusement industry.