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Garbage and Waste Haulers

The Waste Haulers Insurance Coverage Package that Skyscraper Insurance offers can includes Property and Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) and Commercial General Liability (CGL) for eligible waste haulers whose primary operations are residential and/or commercial refuse hauling.

No matter what type of non-hazardous waste service activity your clients are engaged in, they will be well-protected by the comprehensive insurance coverage we offer through Waste Haulers program.

When purchasing insurance for your waste hauling company, it is important to work with an agent who truly understands the waste hauling industry. Research Underwriters has been providing insurance solutions for waste hauling companies for nearly 60 years, giving us the specialized knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to recommend and provide the appropriate insurance program for your business. We offer coverage for the following classes of business:

  • Commercial & Residential Haulers
  • Medical Waste Haulers
  • Recycling Operations
  • Sludge Haulers

As an independent agent, we represent your best interests when working with the leading waste hauling insurance companies. Our history and reputation have allowed us to develop strong relationships with these companies, enabling us to use our leverage with multiple companies to deliver the most cost-effective yet comprehensive insurance solutions for your business. Our national presence allows us to be on the leading edge of new insurance products and programs, and we are quick to adapt and capitalize on new market conditions.

At Skyscraper Insurance our team of solution providers work hard to minimize risk for the waste and refuse industry through a full line of insurance coverage’s and services. Our innovative insurance packages include protection for waste haulers, recycling centers, transfer stations, and medical waste collection. Our goal is to provide you with a custom insurance program that is comprehensive , efficient , and affordable.