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Driving Ranges

Let Skyscraper insurance give you the peace of mind you deserve. You will get the most comprehensive policy for the cheapest price. We offer customizable insurance solutions to our driving range owners that caters to their specific needs.

A driving range is an area where golfers go to practice their golf swing. It is a recreational activity engaged in by amateur golfers often when there is not enough time available for a full game. Frequently, golf courses have a driving range incorporated with their course, but driving ranges are also found as stand-alone facilities, especially in urban communities. The biggest problems sports medicine physicians see related to driving range injuries have to do with players neglecting to warm-up before hitting the range. They run right on out to the driving range from the office and without warming up or engaging in any preparatory activity, they immediately stress-out their muscles. This accounts to a great deal of the injuries experienced yearly by golfers. Physical therapists who assist golfers prevent injuries and recover from injuries believe that being in shape, having good body mechanics and knowing how to warm-up, stretch and cool down are critical to avoiding injuries. But, because you may not be able to avoid every potential driving range injury, you will want to make sure that you invest in the best driving range insurance available. In fact, most driving range injuries come from spending too long at the range, poor mechanics, gripping the club too hard, and poor stance or poor posture.

Whether it is a lower back or upper middle back injury; a shoulder or an elbow injury, you need to make sure that you warm-up appropriately prior to hitting balls on the driving range, and you need to ensure that you and your club are protected against any possible accidents that may occur. Many golfers prefer to engage in strength and flexibility training and learn how to adapt their swing to compensate for any weakness. Many injuries have a great deal to do with improper techniques. Golfers can experience both “golfer’s elbow” and “tennis elbow.” When the injury is on the inside of the elbow, it is called golfer’s elbow,” and when it is on the outside, it’s “tennis elbow.” The bottom line is to make sure you are protected with the best driving range insurance in the industry. For the finest comprehensive driving range insurance, the only name you need to know is Skyscraper insurance! Regardless of the activity, accidents do happen, and you are going to want to be certain that everyone associated with your driving range business is covered with one of our customized driving range insurance policy. Without insurance, you will be at risk of any number of lawsuits for injuries sustained while at your driving range.

Don’t let a bad swing or stray golf ball catch your business off guard. Driving ranges host a variety of risk factors that should carefully be managed to prevent lawsuits. When evaluating the potential risks at your range, you need to consider if your facility has natural grass or synthetic, number of available spots, distance of range, nearby neighborhoods, and service of alcohol – just to name a few. Dealing with all of these risk considerations can be quite time consuming when your first priority should be running your business. This is when Skyscraper insurance can step in and add value to your business.

The first kind of driving range insurance you’ll need is public liability insurance. Public liability insurance protects your business if anyone becomes injured or if property becomes damaged, while under your care. Driving ranges attract customers of all ages, this means there is a relatively high risk of accidents compared to other businesses.