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Diagnostic Testing Laboratories

At Skyscraper insurance, we have years of experience working with diagnostic labs. We understand the risks of your business and are ready to help when you need us.

Whether you run an independent clinical lab or you are an entrepreneur seeking to open a business serving doctors and pharmacists, it is best need to understand how to shop for medical laboratory insurance in a way that minimizes your premiums and costs and likewise minimizes your exposure to serious financial risks.

You can structure your medical lab policy to provide a separate limit covering the entity, protecting the investors, insulating the physician’s liability insurance policies and insuring the employees (non physicians) in the lab.

As a diagnostic laboratory, patients rely on the testing and diagnostic services you provide; as agents of the nation’s innovative, specialty insurers in the healthcare liability niche, you can learn from your medical malpractice insurance company.

They study claims, management, patient safety and they teach our physicians and owners and investors how to best manage the facility clinically and from an admin stand point to avoid being named in a claim.

One of the biggest concerns on the minds of your co-owners and the doctors with whom you work is medical malpractice insurance. Professional liability and general liability insurance are there to respond to claims made against the physicians using the lab, and the lab services itself.

There could be both cases of negligence; the lab could make a mistake in diagnosis; the technicians could mis handle specimen, mis label, resulting in a positive test indication going unseen.

This coverage is to protect you in the event that, for instance, your lab makes a faulty diagnosis or swaps test results, causing substantial injury to a client or to a company.