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Dance Instructors

When you are protected by dance instructor liability insurance, you no longer have to worry about all the unpredictable scenarios that could possibly unfold on the property of your dance studio or during one of your dance classes.

Whether you’re teaching your students how to foxtrot, tango or break, liability insurance is essential to ensuring you’ll still be leading when the unforeseen hits.

Designed specifically for dance instructors, your coverage will protect you against the financial impact of claims arising from accidental injuries or property damage to a third party as a result of alleged acts of negligence and/or omission.

There are two levels of coverage:

  • Basic — For instructors who are strictly freelance or contract workers at one or more dance studios (meaning you are not considered an employee of any one studio)
  • Comprehensive — For instructors who are the sole proprietor of their business (meaning you arrange and teach your own classes and control all of the proceeds)

For the basic option, the insured instructor must:

  1. Work exclusively on a freelance or contractual basis with one or several dance studios
  2. Not be considered an “employee” of any given studio
  3. Not arrange or conduct classes independently of a dance studio (otherwise, choose the comprehensive option)
  4. Not operate a “dance studio” (i.e., own and/or permanently lease a studio location)

For the dance teacher who is wondering why he or she really needs dance instructor liability insurance, it does come down to the fact that accidents happen. When those accidents happen during one of your dance classes or on the property of your dance studio, then you may be the one being held legally liable to cover any damages.

If you are an individual who supervises or teaches classes engaging in dance activities, but are not an employee, this program is for you. If you operate your own studio, or lease space for your dance program, you will need Dance Studio Insurance.

Facilities you work for may require you to name them on your policy as Additional Insured. You can add Additional Insured certificates at no charge.

Other optional coverage’s include Sexual Abuse and Molestation and increased aggregate limits.

If one of your students were injured in class and files a law suit against you, the insurance protects you by covering all eligible claims. Exclusions (ineligible claims) apply to situations outside normal dance activities, and you will see them detailed on the application.