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Country Clubs/Golf Courses/Tennis Clubs

With Skyscraper insurance, we go out of our way to ensure gaps in coverage don’t happen. We know that every club is different. So, we make sure you’re protected by learning your club or business inside and out.

Fun for guests and profitable for owners, golf courses, and country clubs is easily a billion dollar industry thanks to its ability to combine alcohol with entertainment. But for owners, the marriage between the two does not come without associated risks; the most dangerous of them all being ones you cannot see or touch. At Skyscraper insurance, we examine and make recommendations based on the whole picture rather than just looking at bits and pieces.

Our client contract takes you through a consultative six step planning process focused on your individual restaurant needs. We do this by creating, executing and monitoring an asset protection plan for exposures that are tangible and intangible.

You have to keep things looking pristine when you’re running a golf or country club. But sometimes accidents or acts of nature happen, and you need to make sure your insurance plan has your back. We understand the everyday risks your face, the expenses and daily management challenges. And we know what coverage you need. That’s important because every club Skyscraper insurance has gone into, we’ve found gaps in coverage – critical gaps that could really make a financial impact on your business should something happened.

Insurance products for country clubs

Whether your golf or country club is small and exclusive or big and open to everyone, Skyscraper insurance can help you determine the right amount of coverage and insurance products for your golf our country club’s needs. And we don’t just write policies. We offer the following products:

  • Professional Liability – includes tees, greens, and cut fairways with no per-hole limitation
  • General Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Herbicide and Pesticide Applicator’s Coverage
  • Pollution Liability, including Storage Tank Liability
  • Inland Marine – golf carts, lawn care, and all mobile equipment
  • Workers Compensation
  • Excess Liability/Umbrella
  • Higher Limits Coverage

Yelling “fore” on the golf course warns people they are in the path of danger. In fact, the rolling greens, peaceful ponds and majestic forests found on golf courses across the nation are fraught with potential insurance hazards. Property damage, equipment breakdown and personal injuries can choke any golf course business. Skyscraper insurance delivers exclusive Golf Course Insurance for public, daily fee, country clubs and semi-private clubs. Connect with an Skyscraper insurance Golf Course Insurance specialist today to keep your client on course with the most comprehensive insurance coverage.

Do you run a golf course, or are thinking of buying or building one? Like any business, it will need insurance, but you might be surprised on what kind of specialty insurances you should get to provide full coverage.

Our tennis club insurance policies protects clubs from claims from members of the public in regards to injury and damage to property.

We also include the option to add Club House cover onto your policy. This would protect you from the costs relating to material damage to your buildings and it’s contents. It also includes Directors and Officers Liability, Business Interruption cover plus Loss of License protection.