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Skyscraper insurance is the largest insurer of cemeteries, specializing in protecting cemeteries against unique risks and challenges that can undermine an operation’s reputation and business success.

Owners of cemeteries and face very unique challenges and risks that can undermine their financial success. Your job is to make your customers comfortable in the very worst of times, and if you do your job well, your reputation for quality personal service will grow.

Unfortunately just one on-site injury or incident of poor service can have the opposite affect – tearing down all that you have built. What’s more, you are as susceptible to fires, weather events, theft and vandalism as any other business – yet your business property and the type of equipment you use are certainly unlike that of most other businesses.

As a business owner, you need comprehensive cemetery insurance designed for your specific business. You can work with an independent insurance agent to ensure you have the tailored coverage you need.

As a cemetery owner, you need insurance protection from certain exposures, such as the following:

  • Third-party injury or property damage on cemetery premises (injuries to customers, delivery persons, vendors or other members of the general public)
  • Financial harm as a result of negligence, errors or omissions in your services
  • Employee injuries
  • Damage to cemetery property or equipment due to fires, hail or other weather events, theft, or vandalism

You need a comprehensive cemetery insurance program that addresses these exposures. Your business insurance should protect your livelihood, your customers and your employees from the financial devastation that can accompany these kinds of unforeseen events.

Cemeteries Insurance

cemeteries need business insurance in the event that someone (family members, delivery people, maintenance workers, employees) is injured on the property or in the event that an error or other problem occurs during the cremation process.

Operating a cemetery takes a lot work and people to maintain the grounds, provide guidance to grieving families, and make preparations for ceremonies. Risks include liability exposures from slip and falls; property damage as a result of weather events, vandalism, and theft; professional liability lawsuits as a result of plot transfers and mix-ups; employee injuries; and much more. Without the property cemetery insurance, your reputation and the ability to continue to provide your trusted services is on the line.

Families may sue cemeteries for a variety of reasons. What if remains were improperly handled? What if you do not handle a deceased person’s remains according to the family’s wishes? You are exposed to lawsuits everywhere you turn.