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Call Centers

If you sustain damage that forces you to temporarily close or relocate, business interruption coverage reimburses you for ongoing expenses (rent, salaries, etc.) and income lost during the closure or relocation period.

Telephone answering services answer telephone calls for clients and relay messages. Telemarketing companies and call centers initiate or receive communications for clients via telephone, fax, email or some other type of communication. This communication may be for:

  • promotion of a product or service.
  • taking orders for products.
  • soliciting contributions.
  • providing information or assistance.

Answering services and call centers do not own or manufacture the product or service but rather represent the product or service on behalf of a client.

Telemarketing firms, call centers and answering services tend to employ large numbers of people in offices of various types and sizes. These firms face the risks of causing third-party bodily injury or property damage as well as risks to their own business property from fire, weather events, theft and vandalism. In addition, these firms must protect employees from job-related illnesses and injuries. And they must also take steps to ensure that any confidential information in their possession is protected.

If your office space is damaged by some unforeseen event and you must close or make repairs, the financial viability of your entire enterprise may be at stake. You must protect:

  • the contents of your office space.
  • your building (if owned).
  • your employees.
  • your clients and members of the general public.

In addition, you must protect your corporation from lawsuits and other damage claims made by current or former employees, customers, vendors or other third parties. Using a variety of business insurance policies, you can protect your call center.

If you own or operate a call center, telemarketing firm or answering service, you should work closely with a Skyscraper insurance independent insurance agent to find tailored business insurance coverage that meets your needs.

Property Coverage for Call Centers and Telemarketing Companies

You need several types of property coverage to protect your office space and other business personal property.

Business property insurance protects buildings and their contents, including computers, office equipment, furniture and all of your business personal property — whether it is owned or leased — if it is damaged by fire, smoke, theft, vandalism or some other covered peril. You need this coverage to protect your expensive phone and communications equipment as well as all the other contents of your office space.