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Bowling Centers

A Bowling Centers provides liability protection for the business itself, including the employees and volunteers who run the operation.

Customers come to your bowling center to relax and have fun with friends and family. Whether it’s a casual night out, a competitive bowling league, or a child’s birthday party, you are committed to providing the best experience possible. At Skyscraper insurance, we are committed to helping you protect your business with our Bowling Centers program.

Our Bowling Centers program is designed to address the unique risks that your business faces.

Want to keep your bowling center rolling strikes and 300 games day in and day out? With the right insurance for bowling centers, you can help do just that.

Every bowling center is unique. Each is unique in the fun it offers, but it is also unique in the risks it faces. Risks include fire, alcohol-related liability, slip-and-fall claims, and more.

Bowling centers are becoming an attraction for all ages. The friendly atmosphere of bowling draws children, teenagers, families, groups, birthday parties, corporate (school, church) team building, dating couples, and, of course, leagues. With the addition of cosmic bowling, centers are finding a new way of attracting teenagers and young adults during the late night hours. Cosmic bowling takes the old “bowling alley” to a new level. The center usually turns out the lights around 11 PM, cranks up dance/disco music, turns on black lights, laser lights, and mirrored rotating ball lights and the party begins. Some centers use indoor fogging machines and UV black lights to expose designs on the walls that are not visible during daylight hours. Most centers are open seven days a week, with later hours on the weekends.

Bowling centers are commonly found in vacant warehouses because of the square footage available from these buildings. Today’s centers offer automatic equipment (scoring machines, ball return machines, pinsetters) to aid bowlers with understanding the sometimes complicated game. Other equipment includes racks, balls, shoes, ball drillers, grinders, lane conditioners, ball cleaning units, cleaners, entertainment equipment (stereo, speakers, cosmic bowling add-ons). Centers offer tables, benches, chairs, rental shoes and balls, lockers, and snack bars. Some facilities obtain a liquor license and sell alcohol on the premises.

Risk management practices for bowling center General Liability insurance policies include proper maintenance of floors; careful and regular inspection of furniture, ball return machines, and ball racks; regular disinfection procedures for shoes and bowling balls; posting of rules; and first aid equipment; and having properly trained employees to assist children and new bowlers with shoe/ball selection and instruction. Bowlers should be prohibited from using the facilities without proper equipment and supervision (when necessary).