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Audio Post Production – Computer or Electronic

This policy covers All Risks incorporating loss of damage to the insured’s equipment from accidental cause including impact, water damage, malicious damage, damage due to negligence or carelessness, theft and damage done by thieves. While Computer policy automatically covers the cost of restoring lost data information in the computer.

This policy provides coverage to your electronic equipment including computers against sudden and unforeseen physical damage to the equipment in a manner necessitating repair or replacement. Electronic equipment constitutes all electrical equipment that consumes low electrical current. Cover includes mechanical or electrical breakdown, faulty material, faulty design, lightning and over voltages.

Although accidental loss or damage to computers and electronic equipment is insured under the Property Insurance section of your insurance, the costs associated with the breakdown of computers and electronic equipment is covered under Computer and Electronic insurance. This insurance covers loss of income, additional expenses incurred to repair the equipment and the costs associated with restoring lost data arising from the breakdown of electronic equipment.

Improving technology has provided business with better means of running the day to day activities efficiently and conveniently. Not only business data can be easily recorded and collected using the electronic equipment’s such as computer, it also enables workers to communicate efficiently and become more productive in their work.

Since businesses are very much dependent on these equipments, it is wise to provide for a method to cover losses or business interruption which might occur when these equipment are exposed to unforeseen risks.