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Athletic Teams

Athletic teams insurance ensures that athletic teams are covered in the case of medical illnesses and injuries. Plans cover emergency medical expenses, including injuries resulting from athletics, and cover team members as well as coaches.

Athletic teams insurance is a travel medical group insurance plan that provides health coverage for athletes traveling abroad as a team or group. Athletes traveling overseas as a team to participate in a tournament or competition or attend a sports camp or clinic should consider purchasing a sports team policy, as their individual domestic health insurance may not provide international coverage.

Athletic teams and their coaches traveling overseas to participate in any of the following should consider purchasing a sports team insurance policy.

  • Sports camps and clinics
  •  Athletic leagues
  •  Athletic competitions
  •  Tournaments

Athletic teams insurance for athletic teams is the best way to get travel medical protection for the entire team. Sports injuries may occur during overseas games, matches, and competitions, and foreign medical bills could result in a financial disaster, especially in a country where the cost of healthcare is extremely high.

Athletic teams insurance is an annual policy specifically designed to cover the players within a squad. It covers non-professionals whilst they are playing, training or taking part in a game/competition (including travel to and from) in their country of residence and enables the enjoyment of the sport without the worry of the financial consequences. For most teams, each member is too valuable to have to suffer as a result of an accident sustained whilst playing or training. The team insurance policy is designed to ensure that players have some compensation and protection for financial loss as a result of an accident and some help in recovering as quick and painlessly as possible.