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Archery/Gun Ranges

For outdoor and indoor gun ranges of other firearm related shooting sports, Skyscraper insurance specializes in crafting the right policy to meet the needs of you demanding industry.

Archery Insurance for all youth and adult teams and leagues, including Accident, General Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Crime and Equipment.

• Offers rock-solid protection
• Simple online application and quick turn around
• Proof of coverage instantly in most cases

Archery Risk Management

Archery continues to be a popular sport in schools and recreational programs. Archery is an extremely safe sport that is appealing to all age groups and both genders. It’s easily learned and skill improvement is rapid with regular practice.

It’s not unusual for safety questions to be considered by schools, camps, clubs and recreational programs considering the addition of an archery program. Safety means a special layout of the field and adherence to established shooting discipline. The most important rule is that any person failing to abide by the safety rules endangers themselves and others and should be required to leave the archery range immediately.

Still, no matter how many preventative measures are in place, accidents and injuries are bound to occur and Archery insurance, primarily General Liability, is strongly recommended for archery clubs and organizations due to the types of injuries that can occur.

Equipment and range safety

It’s important to always check that all equipment is inspected and in safe working order. The most frequent archery-related accidents are caused by damaged bows or snapped bow strings. Always check for cracks, chips, fraying, warping and any other signs of wear and tear that may compromise the integrity of the bow or arrows.

The archery range should be well marked so all archers and observers know exactly where to stand when shooting takes place. Grass should be trimmed so arrows can be found easily. The range itself should be as flat as possible and free from roots, rocks, stumps, etc. to prevent tripping. Directional and safety signs should be large and placed where they’re easily read, and fencing used to keep onlookers a safe distance from the archery range.

Range safety rules and regulations should be clearly posted within sight of archers and observers. Participants should receive ongoing reminders of safety protocols as part of their archery instruction.

Gun owners and people who work in the firearms industry need insurance that can be challenging to obtain from local agents. That’s where Skyscraper insurance comes in. We have the markets to insure them—and we have the experience as we assist dozens upon dozens of gun and archery ranges, gun clubs, ammunition manufacturers, and many more in the industry with their insurance needs.

With a vast experience in shooting sports, Sporting Clay Facilities, Rod & Gun Clubs, and more, we can insure your risks. Our shooting range insurance programs focus on both public and private shooting ranges nationwide. Coverage is offered for recreational and instructional target shooting facilities, archery ranges, trap, skeet and sporting clay facilities, incidental gun repair/gun-smithing services, and pro shops that sell firearms, bows, and related equipment.