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Appliance & Accessories – Installation, Service & Repair

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is a cost-effective way to get General Liability and Commercial Property Insurance. The Commercial Property portion of a BOP can pay to replace your business property, like tools and computers, when they're damaged by covered events.

Owning an appliance repair business might not seem risky, but imagine what might happen if…

  • A customer slips and falls in your shop.
  • A thief steals your tools.
  • An employee gets hurt at work.

Appliance repair insurance can’t stop bad things from happening, but it may protect you when they do. Let’s look at some policies that can benefit your appliance repair business.

If a customer is injured in your shop, General Liability usually pays for their immediate medical care and your legal bills if they sue.

But General Liability can also cover you when accidents happen away from your shop. For example, let’s say you’re repairing a dryer in a customer’s home when a small spark ignites a fire. You may contain the flames quickly, but the damage is done. A General Liability policy can pay to replace the dryer and repair other damaged property. It can also cover legal costs associated with the incident.

Having the right Commercial Appliances & Accessories Installation Service and Repair commercial auto insurance as well as contractors general liability insurance coverage for your business will give you peace of mind so that you can fully focus on successfully growing your business.

Commercial general liability for appliance installation companies and contractors protects companies from claims made by other parties for personal injury or property damage. Having protection in case of lawsuits is critical for all companies. Commercial General Liability insurance provides coverage for a wide variety of issues including fire damage, false advertising claims, medical payments and business operations.