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Answering Services

We believe we offer the best answering service for insurance agencies because along with all of the features listed, we offer some of the lowest pricing in the industry, one of the longest free trial periods in the industry, and some of the highest client satisfaction ratings in the industry!

In the insurance industry, people looking for a new carrier want one who is accessible. Not just before the sale, but long after they become a customer. That’s where an insurance answering service can distinguish your agency as the best.

Customers expect that they can reach you when the worst happens. Sometimes, that’s after the office closes. Our team of smart and cheerful virtual receptionists are available to back you up 24/7.

How Insurance Answering Service Works

The answering service is customized to your insurance agency’s specific needs. Generally, the process is as follows:

  1. The call handling protocol is set-up and loaded into the answering service software.
  2. A unique call forwarding telephone number is assigned to your insurance agency. You can route calls to this 24/7 according to your needs.
  3. The telephone is answered in your name and handled promptly and professionally.
  4. Your scripts are used to gather information for claims or quotes.
  5. Information is delivered to the correct staff member according to your instructions. Urgent calls follow escalation steps to insure that your team is ready to respond to clients.

We Help You to Grow Your Insurance Agency

Chances are your team puts in a lot of long hours during the work week. Our call center can help your team answer your phones whenever you need us. We are available on-demand, overflow, after-hours, weekends and holidays.
Most people believe the fiercest competition is on the sports field, but as an insurance agent, you know better! The fiercest competition is within the world of insurance agencies. Whether you are selling car, homeowners, renters, life, and/or medical insurance, all are facets of a fiercely competitive business. So what happens if you miss a call from a potential client? If you cannot answer the phone for any reason, who is? That would be your competitor! If you think voicemail is the solution, believe me, it is NOT the solution! People want the human touch. They don’t want to talk to a machine. Did you know most people won’t even leave a voicemail? And even if the caller does leave a message, chances are still huge they will still call the next agency on the list. A missed phone call means a missed client and potential for more revenue. This is where Call Center Plus’ live 24-hr Insurance agency answering service becomes a crucial part of your growing business.