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Animal Shelters

Organisations that work with animals have some unique and interesting risks. If you contact us for advice on your insurance, you will be speaking to an adviser that understands the range of your activities.

Being a director for a nonprofit animal shelter can be both a rewarding and stressful volunteer job. The unending desire to help animals in your shelter, foster homes, and communities can sometimes keep you so busy that you overlook protection of your organization’s name, building, and mission to help the community you serve.

It is essential that all animal shelters have proper insurance in place to protect themselves from potential lawsuits, bite incidents, or uncontrollable acts like fire that damages your building.

Skyscraper insurance believes in you and the animals! That’s why we want to help make sure your or animal shelter is properly protected with the right type of insurance! Your insurance policy should provide the following coverage’s:

  1. Directors & Officers Insurance
  2. General Liability
  3. Professional Liability
  4. Accident & Health
  5. Volunteer Liability
  6. Commercial Property
  7. Non-Owned & Hired Auto
  8. Business Auto

A fire breaks out in the common kitchen area of a nonprofit animal shelter which results in extensive smoke and heat damage to both the building and its contents and forces the nonprofit animal shelter administration to seek an alternative facility for a period of one month.

It takes a lot to run a shelter, from housing and re-homing to, sadly, euthanizing sweet beings who did nothing to deserve this unfair fate. Proper insurance at least prevents against added stress and strain in this already unforgiving field. Ensuring your critical work can continue means protecting your operation from the various risks faced daily by shelters. Skyscraper insurance offers the coverage you need to safeguard against lawsuits and other potential exposures.